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New! Rim configurator with "lowering"


New and Used Tyres from Szymos

We are a wholesale and export-company that has specialised since 1996 with constantly increasing success on the worldwide export and import of reusable used tyres. Being an international trading company you can address us in German, English, Spanish,Polnisch or Russian.

Since 2008, we are also a global supplier of machinery and workshop equipment and we offer our customers garage equipment as well as machines specially developed for the LORRY and ATOMOBILE branches.

It is obvious that tyres - especially those produced in Europe - thanks to their basic construction do not automatically lose their "existence" after part of the profile (in the tread area) is gone. The basic construction, called carcass, has nowadays been constructed in a way that a tyre - like a cat - has several "tyre lives" by the renewal of the running area and thus it does not become an environmental problem.

Note: used/ scrap tyres are according to environmental laws regarded as wastage that has to be controlled. Thus whoever produces tyre wastage has to prove the correctness of the disposal.

We are actively doing something for the protection of the environment and give the tyres we sell a further life.

In our firm not only business partners find a big assortment of used tyres in many different sizes, qualities and price categories. Also the private customer is welcome in our firm where he finds apart from this assortment new tyres and alloy wheels in various designs for all popular makes of automobiles

The low-cost, machine-controlled (at least 3 bar tyre examined pressure) alternative for new tyres. For all kinds of vehicles - like automobile, lorry, caravan etc.- our used tyres comply with all legal safety standards. All tyres can be fitted directly in our place. Save up to 70% in comparison with the purchase of new tyres. We have in stock tyres of different dimensions, partly even with 70-80% profile.

Especially Tuning fans can be advised by our advisor on the possibility of optically lowering down a car. Here you can quietly select your fitting "shoes" and in addition you will get valuable hints about tyres.

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